A Sparkler Send Off in Barnard, Vermont

A sparkler send off never goes out of style.  And we know the best way to make it happen!  Would you like one at your wedding too?

It's always a fun way to end the night with your friends and family.  Special thanks to Katelyn & Jamey for this fun video from their wedding night and to their beautiful venue, the Barnard Inn in Barnard, Vermont.  Reach out today to start planning your VT wedding.  

Your Vermont Wedding Planner,


The Perfect Color for a Vermont Wedding

Pantone named Greenery as their 2017 Color of the Year and it could not be more perfect for a Vermont wedding!

Hello Greenery, my old friend! 

Seems that some people are excited and see you in this whole new light. I, on the other hand, feel like we go all they way back, all the way back, you've always been the true, constant hue in my life.  Oh sure, we all know I love purple but without you, purple can be average.  You Greenery, are that special color that helps all others come to life.  You are life, the beginning.  You are the best friend, the best supporting actress, the Robin to Batman...  You are Greenery!  We can't live without your vibrant shades that pop in Spring and that continue with us year round.  Even in the dead of winter here in Vermont you bring me both sides of cedar and that lights up my world like no other. You've always been there for us and this year we celebrate your greatness. 

Brides around the world love you for all you do.  A wedding, especially a Vermont wedding, is nothing without you!

Photography by Orchard Cove Photography

Enjoy your year of greatness but know that even when this year is over you will still have my heart.  Congratulations to you Greenery!  xo

Your Vermont Wedding Planner,


Your new Vermont Wedding Planner

Here we go! A blog from me? Never. No wait, it was more like, NEVER!  I have said those words so many times over my last 13 years in the wedding industry. And yet here I am...

I thought, after all these years I might finally have some things to share as we jump into wedding planning with both feet. My years of experience with flowers and design will most certainly help as our business grows and I develop this blog. I have seen so much over the years, worked with the most amazing vendors, been apart of over 500 weddings.  I'm excited to work in flowers one more season, this 2016 wedding season, and thrilled to start booking in planning for 2017.  Or to get super technical, we are open to book for planning after October 18, 2016. We are ready to go!

I am certain of one thing as we transition....

There is no looking back. No 'do over'.  This is go time. 

And I am thrilled!

I'm Randi, the newest Vermont Wedding Planner. 


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